Back to Grayson Highlands, VA

We camped in the valley, at Beartree Campground.
The hosts were VERY nice, it was fairly quiet and they do allow hammock camping.

There is a bathhouse, dumpsters.  No power, communal water.  There is a hiking trail and a swim beach.

Calamity (formerly Story, sorry for the confusion) and I wanted the boys to see the balds, so we headed up for the day.  We paid our out of state visitor fee (I think it was 10 bucks!) and went on up to the visitor center and ended up hiking to Twin Pinnacles, which I immediately renamed ‘The Twinacles’ because that is how my brain works.  The view was gorgeous and you’ll have to believe me or google for pics because I did not have my camera!  Better yet, get some first-hand knowledge!


We saw fat ponies in the first 1/4 mile from the parking area.  I was so giddy!  I may have stopped maturing somewhere around 12.
We walked from the parking area at Massy Gap to Thomas Knob Shelter and back via the AT and the VA Horse Trail for a VERY enjoyable 8.8 mile RT.  We refilled water at the shelter and hung out at the spot above for about an hour, having a snooze out of the wind and enjoying ourselves.


A perfect day in a perfect place!  It was very busy, despite my near-empty shots.  I got into with a woman who demanded to know who I was voting for and then called me an idiot.  She wasn’t voting at all.  ha!  As Louie CK so aptly put it:
“If you vote for Hillary you’re a grownup; if you vote for Trump you’re a sucker; if you don’t vote for anyone, you’re an asshole.”  I may not have matured past 12, but I’m no sucker.  The quote came after the discussion, sadly, but I managed to form some similar sentiment all on my own.

Keep in mind I did not broach the subject in any way (or even initiate a conversation), she just turned around on the trail and asked!  I was actually warned by another friend that people in VA will attack about the election, there are some STRONG opinions in that state.  I didn’t know she meant literally!

Our next trip is in June 2017 and we will be biking on the VA Creeper Trail, can’t wait!


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