Caney Again

I blogged about the falls last year and that already has parking and info, so I will just add some pics and talk about our recent hike!

The falls are just over 3/4 mile from the parking area
Crossing the creek below the falls, keep walking downstream to reach the Lower Falls. The path crosses the creek over and over.
The water was very low, especially for winter time!
Lower Caney Falls is on the far left, the ‘path’ down is via those roots and that stack of rocks in the middle of the shot!

We walked another mile or two beyond the lower falls, doubling back to walk up above the creek level with mixed results.  We started on an old log road that quickly devolved into a holly hell, so we just walked as straight as we could before dropping back down to the creek level just below the upper falls.  It was a really fun day of hiking, wet and muddy, but warm enough that neither was an issue since we were headed back to the car.  I love getting out and exploring!

Back at the upper falls!

This is a really enjoyable hike with kids or friends, making the upper falls a base and exploring up and downstream.  It’s not a long or hard hike and the visual payoff of the falls is always worth the trip.


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