Buffalo River NP, Arkansas

I didn’t abbreviate the state because I was paranoid it would be the abbreviation for Alaska and not Arkansas.  If only there were a way to look that up…

Anyway, we did our annual October Trip with Friends all the way over in Arkansas because it was so dry here, we had all forgotten what a creek did.

We camped at Buffalo Point near Yellville, it has power, water, dump station, bathrooms with showers and is under $30 a night.  It’s also right ON the Buffalo River.


I have a thing for terraced campsites!


This is the river, about a 90-second walk from the campground loop.  This section is about 2 feet deep, but there is a swimming beach that is much deeper up the river a short walk.

They allow hammock camping!

Just down from the campground, on the way to Yellville proper, there is a ghost town called Rush that is well worth the stop.  There’s a good hiking trail there, too.


Even though it was chilly, we HAD to hit the swim beach.


The water was SO clear!


It will be next spring before those sandal tan lines fade!

The campground has a few hiking trails, an overlook, the beach, picnic areas, big open field for playing, bathhouses, Coke machines (no Pepsi) and in season, a restaurant.

It’s a really nice place to camp, and though it was PACKED when we were there) it was the last campground still open in the area) it was quiet at night.  My one interaction with the office personnel was very pleasant, she was a huge help and kind to boot.

Keep this one on your radar, it’s worth a visit!


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