The Great Channels, VA

The Great Channels are most easily accessed from Hayters Gap (where there is an elementary school, but the local I was with was not enthralled with my great suggestion that they should have a Bee as their school mascot.  Hayters Bee.  That’s funny!  We have the Macon Whoopies, so at least not everyone is so boring)  Hayters Bee Hayten…Oh well, it was funny TO ME.

The trail is 3.5 miles one way and climbs up 1200 feet.  It starts off as a gentle steady climb until you are lulled away from your vehicle and assume you are pretty close to the top and THEN it gets steep.  If you learn nothing else about me, it’s that I dislike hills, though I AM getting better-to my everlovin’ surprise.

I had my doubts in places, but-lo and behold-it was worth the climb!
It was raining off and on, so the view up top was ‘froggy’ as the kids used to say.  The wind blew away some of the mist now and then and we could see way off in brief glimpses.

We headed into the Channels-to get there, cross the top of the mountain under the fire tower and there is a marked trail that heads down into the channels.






It HAILED while we were in there!  Best timing ever, we would have been frozen and miserable without shelter, we only had our little emergency disposable ponchos because the weather said 10% chance of rain.


It’s a gorgeous area.  I highly recommend going!



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