Turkey Creek, Pinson, AL


But first!  A word of caution:
With ‘wild’ swimming, there is always the chance of snakes in or near the water and any water that is standing with lots of leafy matter on the bottom can house leeches. Also, there is a chance of broken glass in any area, so always wear thick-soled shoes if wading in unknown waters especially downstream from road crossings.

In slick-moss rocky areas, a pair of old socks will give good traction.  I have recently discovered OP makes a pair of water shoes with felt bottoms that also work well..

Cuts to the feet or anywhere else that happened in water, rinse the cut with clean water as soon as possible. Pack the wound with antibiotic cream and cover with a bandage. At home, soak it in warm water with lots of salt added, rinse afterward and use antibiotic cream.  Creek cuts can get nasty fast and even small cuts can leave scars.

Wild swims are wonderful fun and there’s so much more to do than in a concrete pool; dams to build, slides to try, fish to corral, tubing along watching overhanging branches filter the summer sky above. A first whoop on a rope swing, a leap from a rocky ledge, swimming to the other side, skipping rocks, doing handstands underwater…wearing a mask and diving to see the bottom or chasing fish around, watching from the shore as a turtle slips in and swims away, being scared silly for a moment by a beaver slapping his tail. Sharing half a soggy sandwich with the greedy little fish in the shallows, scooting along a creek and seeing the biggest crawdad ever scuttle under a rock a few feet away, these are all memories that sustain a childhood.

Turkey Creek, Pinson, AL

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
3906 Turkey Creek Road
Pinson, AL 35126
photos 007
All ages, restroom at the falls area, good parking.  2 picnic areas. One-way road with frequent patrolling.

This is a VERY slip-prone area, wear your socks or felt wading shoes for max traction.
Bring floats and a mask, towels, picnic…it’s a great spot to show up early and stay a while.
Above the falls is a nice calm area for younger kids to play, bigger kids can ride floats or just slide down the natural waterslide into the deeper pool at the base.
There is a strong current at the bottom, so weak swimmers will need a life jacket.
This nature preserve is home to an endangered species of snail darter, a tiny fish.
There are miles of nature trails.
photos 003photos 001tcfalls




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