The Snowy Range

We headed on up to Wyoming for 2 days, staying at Saratoga Lake Campground near Saratoga.  The campground is VERY basic but located on a pretty lake with views and it’s near the Saratoga Hot Springs, which was lovely.  Tent sites are $7 a night, we slept in the van because it was rainy and no one wanted to put away wet gear the next morning.  Saratoga is also just down the hill from the Snowy Range, where we planned to camp, but it was snowing.  haha!  I know we were looking to cool off, but 32 is too cooled off for this thin-blooded mama.

A scenic bypass goes right through the Snowy Range, fill up at the Interstate though.  The towns along the route are tiny.  There are miles of hiking trails, overlooks, lakes, picnic areas, campsites, and streams.  We are coming back to this spot for sure!


Isn’t that beautiful?

There is a VERY nice and totally free hot springs at Saratoga that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There is a bathhouse attached to the pools with free hot showers as well.  We arrived around 7 a.m. on our second day and chatted with the locals for about an hour before showering off and heading on out.  If ever in the area, I can not recommend the springs enough, especially after the Snowy Range!  The waters range from 116 near the ‘lobster pot’ where the water comes out of the ground to 104 or so on the other side of the pool.  There is a second pool with cooler water, 98-100, for children and those who don’t want to be too hot.  The showers are not even remotely private, so we showered in our suits and soaped and rinsed via holding them out for the water to run through.  Then changed in the changing area, which is private.  The water is sulfur, so washing the suits out was not a bad idea anyway!

The pool is huge and quite nice!





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