Batey Farms, Murfreesburo, TN

Not a hike, but still a fun destination!

Batey Farms has been a working family farm for over 200 years, they have all kinds of crops as well as grow pigs but for 2 and a half weeks in the HOTTEST part of the summer, they also have acres and acres of sunflowers that they open up a few days a week to allow folks to come wander around, take photos and for $1 a flower, cut your own to take home. It’s free to just visit and take some family shots.  Professional photographers are charged.

They rotate fields each year, this year it was next to their little store located at 5331 Baker Rd where you can buy homemade ice cream (for a buck!) and other farm products such as honey as well as a few locally made foods, our favorite being the cheese from Sweetwater Valley Farms, a stop we make whenever we head anywhere near that part of the world. Sweetwater Valley makes dozens of different cheeses, my favorites are smoked cheddar and black pepper and they had both!

The family is so kind, they answered dozens of questions and even allowed us to walk over to see the pigs and came along to tell us all about them.  The sunflower field has wide paths that lead into it and branch off, giving everyone plenty of room to spread out and get photos and the u-pick part is clearly marked, so that no one has to suffer through discovering there are naked stalks in their snapshots later!

The sunflower season is in July, check their website to ensure they are in bloom and plan a visit.  They also have berries to pick through the summer and just before Christmas, they have Wilburclaus, which must be seen and not explained.




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