South Cumberland SP, TN Part 2

Part One with ideas for a 3 day trip with 6 and unders can be found here

South Cumberland with 7 to 10-year-olds is awesome.  They are more mobile, have more stamina and, the best part is they can carry their own stuff!  As always, stop by the visitor center at Tracy City for maps and updates first.

3 day/2 night camping with this age group gets the perfect start at the CCC campsites at Grundy Forest.   There is a picnic pavilion, bathroom, and water at the parking area.  The campsites are a short half-mile stroll through the trees.  The campground has a privy and fire rings and hammock camping is okay.

Day One
On the drive in, stop at Sewanee and walk the very short trail to the natural bridge.  This is a great spot to hang out for a bit, despite it being small.  Kids will love to walk across the top of the natural bridge and explore the area below.

Head on into Tracy City and stop by the Dutch Maid Bakery to stock up on trail snacks!

Day Two
Take the 2 mile Grundy Day Loop trail down and meet up with the Fiery Gizzard Trail and go to Sycamore Falls, a spur of about a mile total.  The trail is moderate and Sycamore Falls is an excellent swimming hole.

black canyon falls
Black Canyon Falls on the Fiery Gizzard Trail

photos 362
Sycamore Falls and swimming hole!

photos 058
There is a ledge behind the falls perfect for jumping!

Head back to camp, refreshed and ready for sleep!

Day Three
Break camp and pack up and stop for a loop around Grundy Lake on the 2.3 mile Lone Rock Trail (swim beach, picnic area, bathrooms) or head on out to Foster Falls (bathrooms, picnicking) and do the 2 mile Climbers Loop trail with optional swim or take the 5 mile in and out walk to Small Wilds campsite on the other end of Fiery Gizzard.  No swims on this route, but plenty of gorgeous views.  Pics and more details are available in part one of this state park series.

Add on ideas:
the Day Loop over at Savage Gulf Ranger Station.  It’s a 4-mile loop trail with canyon views and a waterfall.



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